Sebastian Hurrell

Designer & Owner of Sk8 Mates

“My biggest passions are skateboarding, friends & art. I wanted to combine my passions to create a all inclusive clothing brand”.

Sk8 Mates is a all inclusive skateboarding brand our aim is to promote friendships within the skateboarding scene and include people with impairments. Having an impairment myself, I know first hand how peoples perceptions can change when they find out. Together with companies like Sk8 Therapy were working together to create programs and events promoting inclusiveness and social connections with the skateboard community for all.

Sk8 Mates

Sk8 Mates is a combination of my biggest passions; Skateboarding, friends and art. Through a school project I decided to combine all my passions and start my own business making quality skateboard clothing. The combination of these passions is why I decided on the name Sk8 Mates.

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